“I feel compelled to convey truth through my art and make each piece with integrity and soulfulness.”

The pull of creative expression began for me at a very young age. I was always captivated by the creative process and this yearning developed into a passion for painting that has stayed with me throughout my life.

I am an intuitive painter, guided by my personal connection to the spaces and people around me and my desire to show compassion for all living things. When I paint, I am embarking on a journey to tell a story—it usually begins with a strong feeling in my mind’s eye that I have a need to express.  These emotions guide me through the process and I don’t stop working on a piece until it evokes a memory; something that tells me the story is finished and I am ready to move on.

Being so in touch with to the inner workings of my heart and mind, I do not limit myself to just one form or style of expression. I feel at home with acrylics but often integrate mixed media which makes a wonderful, multi-dimensional impact; blending acrylics with spray paint, integrating gold leaf, adding paste, playing with ink and stains, using my fingers, a brush or a palette knife. What’s drives me are the strong impulses I feel, and being present as the emotions come pouring out.

Whether I am painting an abstract, sky scape, city or water scape, I tap into what inspires me in the moment. Sometimes ideas have come from my dreams.  Most often, the focus is the pull of all earth’s elements and the inherent drama and tension between colour and light.

I love and live to paint and try to infuse each piece with grit and graceful movement.  I am humbled and grateful daily for the opportunity to share my visual stories and connect with people.

Warmly Lori