Lori Burke

Throughout my life I have always had a passion for painting. The creative process itself captivates me and I am drawn to create with fingers, brush or palette knife. I love abstract, contemporary, mixed media while using acrylic, gesso, paste and ink stains. My focus is often the drama and tension between colour and light. Wether I am painting an abstract, sky scape, city scape or water scape, I am inspired by natural elements; fire, water, sky, sand and wind, all of which I draw on during my creative process. I "feel" my art and let my instincts guide each direction as the piece evolves on the canvas. 

I am "intuitive artist" with my ideas develop in dreams and strong impulses that I feel must come pouring out. I love and live to paint and am humbled and grateful daily for the opportunity to do so!

Commissions welcome